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Youth Affairs

1. Planning and coordinating measures related to youth affairs

The Office established the Tokyo Metropolitan Council on Youth Affairs to study and deliberate comprehensive measures aimed at youth issues, and is engaged in activities which include liaison and coordination between related administrative agencies and providing information to Tokyo residents.

2. Applying the Ordinance for the Sound Development of Youth

With the aim of ensuring the sound development of Tokyo's youth, the Office recommends movies beneficial to youth, and also designates books and publications that could be detrimental to the sound development of youth, in accordance with the ordinance. To protect children from troubles related to the Internet and cell phone, the Office operates a consultation desk to handle inquiries, and offers support to families setting rules regarding proper use of the Internet and cell phone.

3. Supporting self-reliance of young people

1. For sufferers from social withdrawal and other conditions

In order to help young people suffering from social withdrawal and other conditions successfully integrate into society, the Office develops support systems in Tokyo's municipalities, fosters support organizations, and provides consultations regarding social withdrawal. In addition, the Office operates the "Waka-navi" (youth navigation), comprehensive consultation service, mainly aimed at young people over age 18.

2. For juvenile offenders

To assist juvenile offenders who have been released from juvenile correctional facilities in rejoining society, the Office supports the activities of volunteer probation officers and runs the "Peer Spot" which provides a place for juvenile offenders to go, consultation service handling inquiries from juvenile offenders and their guardians, and support with job and/or school placement.

4. Promoting the activities of the Tokyo Children Support Council

The Tokyo Children Support Council has been established to work with Tokyo residents, municipalities, businesses, and community youth groups for the sound development of youth.

1. Promoting the Tokyo Revolution of the Hearts

The Office promotes this campaign as a method for parents and adults to responsibly teach children a sense of justice, ethics, and consideration, and also to pass down essential life lessons to them.

2. Providing work experience programs for junior high school students

The Office promotes the "Work Work Week Tokyo," a program that provides junior high school students with the opportunity to experience working at local businesses.

3. Supporting youth development activities

In order to support local youth development actvities, the Office subsidizes youth programs which municipalities have tailored to meet the needs of the local community.

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