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Traffic Safety

1. Planning and coordinating comprehensive traffic safety measures

Based on trends in traffic accidents in Tokyo as well as the nature of accidents, the Office formulates the "Implementation Plan for Traffic Safety" and is working to reduce traffic accidents with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, municipalities, related organizations, and others.

2. Public awareness campaign for traffic safety

In addition to running the TOKYO Bicycle Safety Campaign in May, the Office also holds bicycle safety education classes using bicycle simulators.

3. Promotion of comprehensive measures for bicycles

1. Applying the Ordinance on the Promotion of Safe and Proper Use of Bicycles

The TMG enacted the Tokyo Metropolitan Ordinance on the Promotion of Safe and Proper Use of Bicycles (went into effect July 1, 2013), which clearly indicates areas of bicycle users' responsibility such as mastering traffic rules and carrying out scheduled maintenance, as well as the roles of related parties including the government, businesses, and families. Furthermore, the Office promotes the safe and proper use of bicycles throughout society, based on the Ordinance.

2. Promoting measures against illegally parked and abandoned bicycles

In order to more widely publicize the problem of illegally parked and abandoned bicycles to Tokyo residents, the Office mutually cooperates with municipalities and related organizations to implement the "Clean Up Campaign of Illegally Parked Bicycles around Stations." Additionally, the Office conducts an annual survey of the state of actual conditions with respect to illegally parked bicycles.

4. Traffic measures utilizing ITS

1. Measures to alleviate traffic congestion and the campaign ‘Hyper-Smooth Tokyo'

Coordinating with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department and the Tokyo National Highway Office, the Office is implementing fast-acting traffic measures using the existing roads with the aim of alleviating chronic traffic congestion in Tokyo, along with the development of the road network by the related organizations. Especially for the ‘Bottleneck' 433 crossings in Tokyo, the Office is undertaking masures to realize the smooth flow of traffic, using methods which include the adoption of ITS technology.

2. Provision of information following an earthquake using ITS

In order to secure the safety of drivers and others and realize the smooth passage of emergency vehicles when an earthquake occurs, the Office is investigating the possibility of a more effective solution to provide integrated information of traffic restrictions and probe data on an electronic map.

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