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  2. Public Safety

Public Safety

1. Promotion of the creation of safe and reassuring communities

  • Runs the Tokyo Metropolitan Council for the Creation of Safe and Reassuring Communities and enhances cooperation with municipalities
  • Supports the activities of local crime prevention volunteers through the "Tokyo-Wide Crime Prevention Network," the portal site for crime prevention , and other efforts
  • Arranges for subsidies to municipalities for projects related to the development of crime prevention equipments in communities

2. Promotion of measures to ensure the safety of children

  • Trains volunteer leaders who work to promote activities aimed at watching over children in the community and supports their efforts
  • Enhances the capability of the community to prevent being victimized by a crime through the creation of "community safety maps"
  • Distributes crime deterrent stickers to be displayed on public and private-sector vehicles constantly 'patroling' the community

3. Measures against illegal foreign residents

Along with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, the Immigration Bureau of Japan, and the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau, the Office conducts various public awareness and P.R. campaigns, including lectures and other programs for businesses that employ foreign nationals, in order to prevent the illegal employment which is the primary objective of illegal residents.

4. Other initiatives

  • To prevent common crimes such as money transfer scams, the Office engages in various activities in ordet to draw people's attention to these crimes and educating the public.
  • In order to eliminate ogranized crime groups from society, the Office coordinates with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department and municipalities to engage in various activities aimed at raising awareness on this issue.

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